What we offer

Pack Sizes:
24x2, 10x5, 48x1lb, 10lb, 25lb, and 50lb

There's only one place to shop for your carrots. ATV Farms has more varieties and more stock for more of the year, and we have invested to ensure your supply. Your customers will appreciate the taste and texture. You will appreciate the benefits of buying direct from THE SOURCE. Our brand ATV Farms has found home with major food chains, institutions, and customers throughout the world.

If It's Fresh Cut Carrots you require, then ATV Farms can provide you with carrots that are topped and tailed, cut into 2" or 4" uniform pieces, and peeled or unpeeled for all of your Fresh Cut Carrot needs. The carrots are processed in our food safety certified facility with the latest specialized equipment to ensure the quality and sizing of our products.

Pack Sizes:
20x2, 24x2, 25x2,10x5, 15x3, 16x3, 10lb, 25lb, 50lb

At ATV Farms, perfect soil, great weather, and in-depth knowledge yield a harvest of perfect products. Diced, Sliced, fried or fresh, there seems to be no end to the variety of ways people prepare and serve onions. From salads to sauces, the ATV Farms onion comes through with flavor and texture that are loved around the world. Our brand name - ATV Farms is consistent favorite with buyers in Canada, United States, Caribbean, South America, and the United Kingdom

Think of ATV Farms as "The Root of All Freshness". The soil on our farms yields a treasure of vegetables as rich as any mother nature has to offer. Vegetables that are superb in season and blessed with longevity to last all year. Of course, we lend mother nature a helping hand. Our state-of-the-art hydro cooler locks in long term freshness and our cold storage facilities keep it that way. These vegetables are ready when you are all year long.

Great Staples

Take age-old know-how and modern farming methods and you have a recipe for great vegetables. At ATV, we grow a variety of vegetables to stock your produce department. Our management of the land and modern processing facilities allow us to meet your needs for freshness, timeless, quality, and consistency.

Other Commodities

Potatoes Broccoli Cauliflower Celery Lettuce Romaine Green Leaf Red Leaf Endive Escarole Rutabagas Turnips Radish Peppers Cucumbers and more...